In this conversation with Victoria Jacono Gilmovich we look at the role music has played in her life.

Since the age of 6, Victoria has been putting her bow to the violin strings. She has gathered a list of credentials and achievements in her time, so long, that it would take up the length of this Podcast to name them all. I would recommend the listener visits Victoria’s profile on her website to see this list. It is incredible, to say the least.

Her love of music education and teaching has led her to create the Inner West Institute of Music in Five Dock, a music school that aims to tailor lessons to student needs and encourage a love of music for a student’s lifetime.

In today’s Podcast though, we delve into the person behind the music. Tragedy has played a significant part in Victoria’s life and the life of her family. I recall speaking to her mum Nellie about this. The pain is still so raw.  We look at how music carried and still carries Victoria through this.

We also look at the role music played in her upbringing and now in the upbringing of her children?

And for all of us with children, we discuss the benefit of encouraging your child to learn a musical instrument or any skill that does not give instant gratification.

For details on the Inner West Institute of Music visit the website.