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About BayTalk – Your Inner West Business Community

Inner West Business Community BayTalk was born from an idea to bring like-minded businesses together to connect, support each other and build a community.

We’re here to match local buyers with local businesses.

BayTalk is a local online business directory and small business community.

Meet Caroline the founder of BayTalk

Hello, I’m Caroline, the founder of BayTalk, your Inner West Business Community.

I’m originally from New Zealand but I’ve been a Five Dock local since 2010. I live here with my husband and two of my three children. The eldest has long left the nest, building his own nest with his French wife in New Zealand.

And although I love Australia, don’t expect me to barrack for them in Rugby. I’m an All Black supporter through and through.

A large part of my working life was spent in financial services. After completing a business degree in economics I became a qualified insurance broker.

I got my first taste for marketing and community when I started a job with a marketing team after having my youngest daughter.  I went from thinking html was short for Hotmail, to writing articles, sharing interviews and updating the website.

Absolutely loved it.

Unfortunately, an MS diagnoses in 2013 made corporate work challenging. I made the decision to leave and create a more flexible working life for me and my family.  And what an experience that was.

I dabbled in sales {ENJO and Skincare}, until I realised selling wasn’t really my thing,

I also realised that starting a business alone was hard. So many challenges. And very isolating.

I was really good at building connections though. So, it got me thinking.

What if I could develop a way to bring other businesses together to support each other and refer our services instead of selling?

The idea for an Inner West Health and Beauty website was hatched

But, of course, the more I thought of it, the more I realised other businesses would greatly benefit from coming together.

And that’s how BayTalk came about.

We’re a local community. Our business owners support each other, learn from each other and refer business to each other.

Without the sleaze, without pushy referral tactics. Just good-old-fashioned community.

We happen to have a directory, but the magic is in connections. Belonging to something bigger than our own little business.

How BayTalk Membership Works

With such a diverse range of businesses in our community we wanted to create something that would work for everyone.

That’s why there are three main components to membership.

Online Directory, Social Media Promotion and Community meetings.

Online Directory – Your Mini Website

Inner West Business Community
We help local’s find local businesses to support. Our online directory is an opportunity for businesses to get found and generate leads.

Every member can set up their profile on the BayTalk website.
It’s your chance to showcase what you do, how you help and promote your services.

There are opportunities to personalise with images and logos. So your page can reflect your brand. And, link back to your own website (Google loves this).

Having a page on BAYTALK.COM.AU can be great for those who do not have a website but need a digital presence.

Your page provides all your contact details, links and social media channels, reviews, logos and more.

BayChat – Your Community Meetings

Inner West Business Community
Every fortnight you can meet and connect with other local business owners.
You’ll never feel alone, and you’ll benefit from the experience and expertise of the members in the group.

We aim to have a guest speaker at each meeting so there’s an opportunity to learn something that will help you grow your business.

It’s a business community unlike any other. No selling. No pressure.

We aim to stop the isolation many business owners feel and encourage genuine connections, where referrals happen naturally.  Never forced. No quotas.

Social Media Promotion

One of the benefits of belonging to the  BayTalk community is that you have a business development manager on your team.

We spread the word about your business. To locals who need your services. And you find out about other local businesses too.

Many a partnership and collaboration arise when local businesses connect.

How often we do this depends on the level of membership you choose.

We’re also happy to promote not-for-profit organisations, local community events, schools and fund-raisers.