Opening hours:
Monday to Friday – 8:30am to 6:30pm
Saturday – 8:30 to 4:00pm

Five Dock Pharmacy

104 Great North Road, Five Dock, 2046, NSW


Phone: 02 9713 6963

Five Dock Pharmacy


Five Dock Pharmacy has been a pillar of the local community since 2000. Mathew, Richard, Alison, Nina, and the team aim to deliver the best health outcomes to their patients. They support community events and fundraisers and consistently provide exceptional service to their patients.

Their core value of providing up to date and extensive knowledge of medication has not deviated whilst their range of services has increased over time.

Owner Mathew Massasso has filled the pharmacy with professional and courteous staff who provide personalised customer service. Most staff members are fluent in Italian, which is advantageous in an area with such a large Italian population as Five Dock. Mathew further caters to this Italian community by stocking unique Italian products such as the classic Felce Azzurra talc power and hand soaps and the Marvis toothpaste, famous for their unusual flavours.

Their services extend beyond the pharmacy walls because they also offer free home delivery of medication for the less mobile and time-poor.
Owning a pharmacy runs in the family with Mathew’s father and father-in-law, both previously owning pharmacies. Many of Mathews customers are now customers of Five Dock Pharmacy.

Mathew is also very community-focused. He supports community festivals and fundraisers such as school fetes and Associazione Isole Eolie Confraternita’ San Bartolomeo Apostolo. Most significantly would be Mathew’s involvement in the biannual fund-raising event for Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia with Dine & Dance for a Cure evening.


Services Available at Five Dock Pharmacy

Five Dock Pharmacy


Five Dock Pharmacy has been providing immunisations since 2019. The pharmacists are trained and registered to give Influenza, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Pertussis vaccines.

Five Dock Pharmacy is working towards being able to provide COVID 19 vaccinations later this year.

Five Dock Pharmacy


Five Dock Pharmacy provides Dose Administration Aid (D.A.A) or Webster packs for no extra charge. They can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly, for either pick up or free weekday delivery to your door or nursing home. They also provide tablet organisers for those who wish to organise themselves. Compounding is also available through Five Dock Pharmacy. For simpler compounding, it will be done onsite by the pharmacist. For more complex compounds Five Dock Pharmacy will organise to have it done by a compounding specialist offsite at no extra charge to you. Free delivery is available for compounds.

Electronic Scripts/Free Delivery

Electronic scrips are a new way that scripts are being delivered to patients. Five Dock Pharmacy is one of the first adopters of this innovation and is practised at dispensing them. Five Dock Pharmacy also offers free delivery on weekdays for all medications and prescriptions. This means if you have a tele-appointment with your doctor, they can send the electronic prescription straight to Five Dock Pharmacy and have the prescription delivered to your door.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Yesterday I took my 4 year old daughter in to get some vaccines and she was absolutely hysterical because she new what was coming. I have never seen her so upset and I was close to losing it myself. While we waited Matt not only managed to calm her down but got her smiling and laughing within minutes. It was an amazing thing to see and I could not have been more grateful!

Katie Head

Awesome costumer service! The staff is bilingual. Seating available. Right next door to a cafe and a bank. Bus stop at the front. Alternatively, you can drive and park at the front, under Coles or at the car park across the street, behind the NAB.


Great pharmacy with individualised customer service. They remember my prescription every time.

Aaron Harris