Inner West Business Meetups

At our fortnightly meet-up you get to chat with other business owners who generously share their knowledge, support you and cheer you on to success.

Where: Natalina Five Dock
When: Every second Thursday – next meeting 24 June
Time: 7:00am to 8:30am

To request to join a meeting drop Caroline an email. caroline@baytalk.com.au

BayChat – a business community unlike any other


When you’re a BayTalk member you get access to our fortnightly BayChat meetings.

Running a business can be tough. Especially when all the big decisions come down to you.  It’s helpful to connect with like-minded business owners who get it.

Imagine looking forward to a business networking event. One where there was no selling, no pressure. And, no referral targets.

Picture a warm, collaborative community where likeminded business owners get together to share challenges and knowledge within the group.

Nice hey. Want to join us? You can try up to two meetings before joining.

The Importance of Community to Business

When you’re the owner of a small local business, whether it be working from home in your spare room or a bricks and mortar retail business, it is important to have a community throughout the journey.

A community can help carry you through the good times and the hard times. When you are with like-minded individuals, they understand the struggles you face and can assure you that these struggles are not unique to you. This is a great way to increase your confidence.

Also, the more people that know you and your business, the more you will be recommended. What better form of marketing is there than word of mouth?

What happens at the meetings?

Every two weeks you can meet and connect with other local business owners.

We aim to have a  speaker at every second meeting so there’s an opportunity to learn something that will help you grow your business. This speaker will either be a member of BayTalk presenting their business challenge, or a guest speaker. Guest speakers are invited to speak on topics that benefit us all in business.

It’s a business community unlike any other. No selling. No pressure.

We aim to stop the isolation many business owners feel and encourage genuine connections, where referrals happen naturally.  Never forced. No quotas.

We’re building a community and we want to make it a great one.

One you feel proud to be a part of.
As such we’ve created BayTalk values to attract like-minded businesses who want to be part of a community.

Our meetings are perfect for business owners who:

  • Are a sole trader or leader of a small team of two or three who misses having another leader to bounce ideas around or work through issues with.
  • Are busy, tired, stressed. Trying to do it all.
  • Need a safe place to share business struggles without having the cost of hiring a business coach or mentor.
1. Open

Generously sharing time and knowledge with the group.

2. Respectful

of other viewpoints, experience, race, religion and gender.

3. Collaborative

Looking to connect with other business owners.

4. Community over competition

Growth mindset.

5. Ethical

No poaching clients, no inviting to other network groups.

5. Kind

no bullying or defamation

5. No selling

no unsolicited contact/offer