Sydney Inner West Favourite Local Business Community

We’re a local small business community. Our business owners support each other, learn from each other and refer business to each other without sleaze, without pushy referral tactics. Just good-old-fashioned community.
We happen to have a directory, but the magic is in connections. Belonging to something bigger than our own little business. We know the importance of small business to local communities.

We’re Not Like Other Business Communities


Want to feel part of a feel-good local small business community? We know the importance of small business to local communities.

Join us.

We’re NOT  just another business directory.

There are plenty of those around that do little more than list businesses. BayTalk is proactive, it’s about engaging your business profile and message with your customers and clients, the Inner West community. 

BayTalk isn’t a sell sell sell environment. 

It’s a place where business owners can learn and discover new ways to help build better, stronger businesses by connecting with other like-minded business owners and guest contributors. 

You can be you. No false pretences here.

We really foster an environment where you can show up as you. Our members openly share their triumphs, struggles and challenges with each other. Knowing we’ve all been there. There’s no judgement. Just a willingness to help.

As a collective, we understand what keeps business owners awake at night. 

No Pressure, No targets. Just connection.

As a community group, we’re all about connection and giving back to the community where we can.


BayTalk Values

Community over competition

There is plenty of business for everyone. We grow together.


We generously share our knowledge with the group.


There may be different opinions or experience to yours. We respectfully listen and do not discriminate by experience, race, religion or gender.


Work with and support other local business owners.


No poaching clients, no inviting to other network groups.

We don't want unsolicited contact, marketing or pressure to refer.

Referrals and business discussions happen naturally.

Community Giving

BayTalk’s founder is passionate about supporting the local community and charitable organisations. So 8% of all membership fees are donated to either Bridging the Gap Foundation, or a local school or sports club of your choice.

You may choose an even split between the three. We are flexible, the choice is yours.

Raised so far to support Bridging the Gap Foundation

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