Conversation with Dean Rioli and Colin Baillie

In this interview, I am recording my podcast with Bridging the Gap Foundation.
I was joined by Dean Rioli former AFL star and Deputy Chair of Bridging the Gap Foundation and has worked for over 14 years to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people into sustainable employment. I was also joined by Colin Baillie, who is the head of development for the Menzies School of health research.
The Menzies School of Health Research combined with Charles Darwin University established the Bridging the Gap Foundation with the goal to improve and advance the lives of Indigenous Australians.
The podcast focuses on challenges faced in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities. We discuss the impact that Chronic SU PER RA TIV otitis media has on education, the high levels of Kidney failure in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and how as a nation we can raise awareness through conversation and education in our schools.

Just to let people know, BayTalk is donating 8% of all membership fees. This can go to either a local school, sports club or my chosen charity Bridging the Gap. You may choose it to be an even split between all three. I hope you enjoy the podcast (available here) and can see past my nerves. Colin and Dean, thank you so much for speaking with me.