Plastic-free skincare masterclass.

Want to learn how to make everyday skincare products without environmental impact?
Do you remember your teenage years trying out different face masks made with ingredients in the pantry? I can recall using yogurt, oats and honey. I think at one stage some avocado may have been added to the mix. Teabags and cucumber for the eyes. So much fun. This workshop takes me back!
To mark #plasticfreejuly Canada Bay Council is offering a plastic-free skincare masterclass with Kirsty Mootz. Participants will learn how to make their deodorant, dry shampoo, and scrubs at a fraction of the price and with no single-use plastic waste!
Want to learn how to make lush beauty products at home using readily available ingredients from your kitchen?
Join @canadabay and Kirsty Mootz @parva.little.things for a free online workshop.

Details for the online workshop

6:30 pm on Thursday, 23 July and learn how to make deodorant, dry shampoo and scrubs at a fraction of the price, with no single-use plastic waste.