Street Library’s

Read a good book lately?

BayTalk is all about building community and what better way is there to encourage community and bring people together than to share books with your neighbours.

Some of the best friendships are made and the greatest conversations are had through the common love of the same great book.

If you’ve read a book and would love others to read it why not look into a Street Library?

What is a Street Library?

A Street Library is essentially a box filled with pre-loved, pre-enjoyed, recycled books that can be shared with everyone in your community.

A Street Library not only increases literacy in the community by making books freely available to everyone, it also exposes you to some accidental finds of books that you may not have thought to read but your neighbours are.

Anyone can give or take books from a Street Library. There is no checking out or overdue notices. All that’s asked is that you return the book or another book so that the box remains full and the joy of reading continues.

The cost of a street library can range from free to $2,800. If are interested setting one up outside your house here’s the link to all you need to know http://bit.ly/2QRo091.

So, go grab a book, donate a book, have a great read and help build a great community.

If you have a Street Library near you drop us a message so we can let everyone know where to find one.